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Always Moving:

September 2, 2011

getting to know me: I have a hard time staying in one place. I graduated high school, moved to israel, went to college, left college, got a job, went to culinary school, interned in aspen….blah blah, all good stories for another time.

well, just so I can stay true to who I am….I’m moving this baby one moooore time. what can I say? It’s in my nature.

The new spot is   please check it out, drop a comment, subscribe, bookmark it, read it. whatever works. thanks for being patient!


i. freddye


a little bit of what i’ve been up to

August 30, 2011

Well, well, well, look what we have here. A little collage!

Starting at the top left and going clockwise (confession: I just recently learned how to properly tell time, and no, I am not the quickest at it).

First we have Gnocchi!

Had to make a bunch of these wormy guys in class for the dish on my station, super simple little potato dumpling pastas.

  • 2 lb russet potatos, baked until done/tender
  • 10 oz flour
  • 4 egg yolks
  • salt
  • nutmeg
All you gotta do is peel the tators, mush them through a food mill or something else to get them mushy, mix in the egg yolks and some salt and a pinch of fresh nutmeg. Then you just kneed in the flour like a dough BUT work the mixture as little as possible or it will be gummy and gross. you have been warned.
Also that recipe makes a lot of gnocchi, like maybe 100 of them.


To shape them you’re gonna want a gnocchi board and lots of flour. roll away. or just roll out a snake of dough, cut the little pieces and roll them on a fork.

Then, you just pop them in salted  boiling water untill then float.

Next is an adorable store in Red Hook called Tivoli Mercantile. So cute. Only cute store in Red Hook.

Then there is the picture of the thermometer that Chef bought for my station in class, such a great present. Gotta loving keeping that fryer at the perrrrrrfect temperature.

Next to that is a picture of one of my dinners from class, salmon-asparagus-and the best crostini ever from the caeser salad demo plate, I always tried to snag that. It was an amazing garlic paste and a salty little anchovy.

And to finish the picture, my favorite juice ever: kale, spinach, apple, celery, and ginger…right next to kelli’s carrot juice. so bright. so refreshing.

and now I am off to a quick workout and then a road trip to Cold Springs. Exploring the Hudson Valley…here we go!

culinary school: waiting tables

August 25, 2011

Wow, that three weeks flew by. Sadly I am no longer working in the kitchen at American Bounty, and I gotta say…I’m pretty bummed about it.

I am now officially in my last class before I graduate, working front of house….serving at American Bounty. I wish I was back in the kitchen, but I mean shmoozing with guests is always a good time.

You know what’s the worst about graduating? ha I don’t want to go! I’m having a pretty good time here, yah, it’s probably the people  but it’s also been a great couple of weeks working in the restaurant and well…what’s next?

here’s a peak at another one of the foie gras specials from when I was on Hot Apps,

this one had a strawberry puree, pistachios, cornbread, and rhubarb preserves


and another foie special, fried green tomatoe with herb coulis and pickled red onions…topped with amazing garlic chips


action shot on the line, aubrey is pouring some oil like a champ!


nothing is better than tomaotes when they are in season, and guess what! it’s that time of year my friends, look at this gorgeous salad, one of the daily heirloom tomato preparations with compressed watermelon and cucumber

that’s all for now. back to my busy schedule of waiting tables! tomorrow we do a cheese tasting….



“no foolin”

August 14, 2011

Honestly, I’m pooped.

bahhhhh, the restaurant started getting pretty busy this week and I gotta say it’s been a lot of fun.

Long story short, my mind is “googley” to quote my good friend Kelli and I can’t put a sentence together to save my life…fun fact: writing these three sentences has taken me close to an hour.  what, you think I’m possibly pretty dumb? that’s okay becuase hey, i’m not!

So, here are some pictures I’ve scrounged up. I’m enjoying looking at them, maybe you will too? if not, well…shit happens.

Falafel in Brooklyn mmm look at those pickles, such good salads too. okay now, I’m seriously craving this.

Frozen Yoghurt with Graham Cracker Crumbs, Strawberry & Sliced Almonds. hello killer combo, whats up?

I love Kombucha! My aunt says it tastes like salad dressing…ha to each his own

One of the dishes from The Bounty, we call it “noodles” what do you call it? scallops? yah, that makes sense, but I think it’s funny when they start yelling out orders for noodles…sounds like something a 6 year old would say not an executive chef.

A windowsill full of herbs! what smart store owners, bet they have nice dinners.

Lovely baked eggs with spinach & tomatoes at Arielle. cheesy.

This is what your neato baking roommate brings back to the room when she’s in chocolates class. culinary school is pretty silly

surprise! I have a tattoo, who knew? I know, it’s  blurry but it’s an action shot! how intense mannnn

Hold the phone. Look at this gorgeous meal my mum made me before I headed back to school. Check out those sweet potats (best sweet potatoes in the world. I swear, you’re jealous right now) & the salmon with rub with love dry rub on top–this stuff’s so so good.

Look Here! It’s my first Easter Basket! My roommate Taylor hooked it up for Easter, gotta give her lovely mom some credit for our seriously epic Easter Baskets! p.s. I’m jewish. plot twist.

In conclusion, this is my uniform for front of house. heyyyyyyyyy. I’ll be putting this get-up on next friday to start front of house (FOH) in American Bounty! and then what? then I graduate. jeepers.

Enjoy the show. goodnight!

p.s. I love fried Calamari

Rye Berry Salads

August 9, 2011

While I was home we discovered a bag of rye berries we had purchased at the farmers market a while back and decided to finally cook em up.

My mom soaked them overnight and then simmered them in some salted boiling water until they were done/tender.

And then no one really knew what to do with them so I threw together these two salads with the help of some leftovers.

Salad number one (Lefty)

  • roasted sweet potatoes
  • avocado
  • tomato
  • steamed zucchini
  • cilantro
  • olive oil
  • dijon mustard
  • s&p
Salad number two ladies and gentleman (Righty)
Not too shabby, actually I’d go as far as to say these down right delicious. Thank you very much leftovers, you’ve done me well once again.

This Week

August 7, 2011

A busy week has finally come to an end. Honestly, it went by so fast and I’m really enjoying class.

My class right now starts at 12:45 in the afternoon and we get out close to 1:00 am most nights yet the time flys by. It’s nice to stay busy all day.

Here’s a preview of American Bounty and my class thus far (excuse the crappy photos, this is all through the point of view of my beloved cell phone camera)

This is my lovely home on the Hot Apps Station

This is American Bounty BOH(back of house) aka my classroom really

Here is a shot of the rest of the hot line, where the entrees come to life–cheezy, right?

This is the Gnocchi that I make with fava beans, lobster, corn & roasted red peppers

This is one of the Foie Gras specials from this week that I make; this one had brioche, strawberry preserves, peanut butter & candied, spiced almonds

and this is a really big whisk…

I mean come on it’s sort of ridiculous…

And now I am going to enjoy my weekend (sunday-monday) because the restaurant is open on Saturdays! phew what a week

Lesson of The Day

August 4, 2011

Lesson of the day: be careful when you are taking the recycling out, not all wine bottles are empty. oops

Miraculously the bleach pen worked instantly to clean this mess up. Literally, instantly…right before my very eyes red/purple turned to white.